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New Releases


11STEPS songs/CD can be downloaded at:

Feb 20th at Southside in Markham  6061 Highway 7 east..

CD's are now on sale at HMV in Canada!!  Support your local Music Retailer!!

Proceeds from downloads of "I NEED SHELTER" and "PICKING HOPES" will be donated to the Haiti Relief Fund C/O the Canadian Red Cross

11STEPS came together to create ageless Classic Rock  
"We hope that our material, is "fresh vintage" if you know what I mean... Great music, in the genre of classic rock, but music that's difficult to pin down to a particular era", says Craig MacDonald.
11STEPS also tried to create a CD that's interesting enough that people will listen to the whole thing rather than just putting a couple of tracks on their iPod.. like classic rock in the 70's when you bought a new album and wore it out listening to the whole thing over and over.