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TRT stands for Teaurel, Remus, and Traian - the unique names for an even more unique group of musical artists. All three of them were in the music industry as kids, while also exploring dance and acting. Two of the members met on a movie set, and even though they went their separate ways they met again later at a dance studio. The remaining member used to sing in a group with one of the others years ago. They also went their separate ways but once again, six years later they rejoined to make a new group. TRT was formed one year ago, with an image that is diverse and unique.

The group members all feel that the way they all got together was destined, and meant to be. Even after they had all gone their own ways, fate seemed to have brought them back together. And perhaps fate brought them all together to redefine the world’s perception of pop music. If you ever thought pop died in the 90’s, TRT will certainly change your mind. Their high-energy sound is self-described as a mixture of pop, eclectic, latin, house, and hip hop – summed up, they call it “dirty pop.” No matter how you describe TRT’s sound, their music is bound to get you moving, and their stage presence is undeniable. It’s clear how much these three love performing, once you see them on stage for yourself. These natural performers even stated that they love performing so much, they actually “feel more comfortable on stage than off stage.” One performance in particular stands out in their minds, and that is the show they played at the Opera House in Toronto. That night they reaffirmed their group’s identity and showed their talents off to the world – not to mention that they sold out an 850 capacity venue. As much as they love performing in Toronto, TRT has noticed the difference between making music here and in the U.S, as they travel between Toronto and Los Angeles.

In Toronto it’s harder to break through as a band, since the music industry is smaller and it’s difficult to reach a certain level of success. But they’ve noticed that in the U.S, people are “really optimistic about new stuff, and always want to hear the newest thing.” Since the U.S has a bigger music industry with more money in it, TRT also wants to head to New York and Miami to make themselves known. But they’re not stopping there – they have plans to head to Germany and make themselves more internationally known.

Visit and get more closely acquainted with dirty pop.