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Mark Zubek


Product Of My Society


Will Matthews

Product Of My Society

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Product Of My Society is a musical artist who was born and raised in Toronto. Toronto has always been the backdrop for his music, and it has helped make him the person he is today. He believes “things that happen in your life influence the music you create” – and he is right. His music is very much about “a lot of real issues, and real things that happen in the community.” He writes about situations that he’s seen and been a part of, he writes about a tough and gritty reality that he grew up with. His album, “All I See”, is about “the good, the bad, everything that takes place in life.” On listening to the album, he says “you’re seeing things through my eyes.

It’s like a window to my life.” But despite any hardships he’s endured, he is continually challenging himself and other musicians to do something positive with the music they make. He is determined to make a positive image for himself in the face of poverty and other adversities. He believes that “a lot of artists need to show love and give back to the community.” Product Of My Society has been doing just that. He does a lot of fundraising and helping out the community. He has done fundraiser shows at the youth community centre, done a fundraiser show to raise money for premature babies, and done fundraiser shows for the youth in Africa and Brazil. While these fundraisers are a great help to many causes, he gets a kick out of them too. He loves performing, and having people see what he and his music are really about.

For him, performing and interacting with people musically is a rush like no other. That love for music began as soon as he remembers first hearing music. Right from the start, he loved music and wanted to bring it to people. At a younger age he played the drums, guitar, and piano, and was influenced by his vocally talented mother as well. Music has always come naturally to him, which has played a role in his rising success. He first heard one of his songs on the local radio station Project Bounce back in 2005, and described the sensation as “crazy.” He got great feedback from people, and continues to have high hopes for the future.

His full length album should be out by 2010, with “a couple of surprises”, thanks to some of the big names on there. He will be going on tour in the U.S this summer, and is hoping to record some videos for a few songs. “Bank Rolls” is a song that has already been getting some air time at The Sound Junction, 105.5. Fans can also look forward to a takeover mix CD, mixed by DJ Great Scott and DJ Anonymous, which should be out soon. Keep up with this emerging artist at