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Isle of Thieves

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Mark Zubek


Product Of My Society


Will Matthews


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Mr.Flowas spoke about the success of Mr.Flowas and the FluxMobb Clan, attributing it to their strong sense of work ethic: “We work harder than anyone else we know to make sure people get to hear our music.” Mr.Flowas had a diverse upbringing from being born in Jamaica to growing up in New York, to now living in Toronto. He believes this diversity is the reason he had exposure to a wide range of musical genres. Mr.Flowas spoke about the writing process for his music, and how he never has a preconceived idea of what he is going to write about. Instead, he writes in the moment, about whatever he is experiencing and “tries to capture the vibe of the moment, like realistic capsules of time.” Still, he believes that all of his songs have a very strong message within the lyrics, and he holds the opinion that this is an important aspect of making music.

You can hear those messages on his recently released third album, “Yardcore.” His earlier albums, “Reggae Mash-Up” and “No Ball To Me” were successfully released in 2004 and 2007. He is also currently working on a European release, and broadening his scope for international attention. Despite his thirst for musical success and his determination to make great music, the most shocking thing about Mr.Flowas is that he was ironically pressured into the music industry by some friends. He actually used to work as an analyst, so the music thing sort of “just happened” for him. Mr.Flowas hopes to spend the upcoming year making his name more known online, making some music videos, and merchandising as well. He also plans to tour in Germany, Jamaica, and all across Canada.

With such a busy musical agenda ahead of him, Mr.Flowas maintains his focus on constantly creating original music. The key to his originality? He has nobody else’s music playing on his TV or in his car, except his. By cutting down on outside influences, Mr.Flowas manages to make music that is truly distinct and unique to him. To hear some of his musical creations, visit