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Kit Cairns

  Kit Cairns is a musical artist with a lot on his plate. He is constantly juggling between...

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Kit Cairns

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Kit Cairns is a musical artist with a lot on his plate. He is constantly juggling between being a father, a teacher, and a musician. While he’s a father first, his passion for teaching and music go hand in hand and compliment each other well. Kit believes that “bringing people awareness of the world is the most important thing”, and he does this through being a father, teacher, and musician. Kit is a teacher in all respects, with the students being his children, his classroom pupils, and his audience. He even has hopes to someday start his own alternative school that provides a down to earth, grassroots education that teaches about the fundamentals of life.

This grassroots belief system comes out in Kit’s music as well. He describes his music as “edgy alternative or edgy folk rock.” And you’ll definitely find that the music is lyrically in line with his values. He frequently writes and sings songs about his perception of the meaning of life, and provides profound messages about why he believes we’re here. His music speaks about rising above the constructed world we’ve built for ourselves, and getting back to our roots in a more soulful and meaningful way. When asked about his passion for music and performances, he stated that whatever inspires him to get up in front of his students is the same thing that inspires him to get up on stage. He believes he has something important to say, and feels an intense need for people to listen to him and hear his message. Surprisingly, Kit used to have stage fright when he first started performing. But once he realized that being a musician is a profession just like teaching, he put those fears to rest.

Kit has come a long way since he first started playing music. He now has two CDs out, thanks to all his hard work put forward in writing, singing, recording, and producing his own songs. He feels having this much say in your own music is “satisfying and rewarding, something that’s completely your own.” He also has a company called No Boundaries Music Entertainment. With this company, he hopes to help out other artists since he knows the ropes and has been there before. His dedication to take other artists to the next level is one of his goals for the upcoming year, as well as getting started on a new album that he hopes will be complete by 2010. Hear more of what Kit has to say, at