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Isle of Thieves

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Isle of Thieves

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Isle of Thieves is a band that was formed in 2006, and has already come a long way. The group consists of five passionate musicians: Japeth on vocals and guitar, Justin Kwan on vocals and synthesizers, Mike Marsh on lead guitar, Matt Coatsworth on drums and Charles Canovas on bass guitar. When these group members were asked about the recipe to their rising success, Japeth stated that it is a mixture of good work ethic and a realistic understanding of the industry today. They realize that having a band isn’t just about playing great music; the PR side of things plays a big role in getting your name heard and standing out from the competition.

Mike spoke of the band’s “strong sense of self-actualization” which distinguishes them from others. Justin also believes it’s the fact that they create music for everyone which doesn’t fit neatly into one genre, and doesn’t alienate anybody. Japeth discussed their album “Only Human” and the meaning behind it. This album, which was released in 2008, explores the flaws of human nature vs. what society expects of us. According to Japeth, society expects perfection, and “we should ask questions about what is the construct and what is human.” The band members sincerely appreciate their rising success, but manage to remain level-headed and down to earth. When asked how it felt to first hear their music on the radio, Justin described the experience as something they thought “was the biggest deal – but it’s not.” Before fans think Isle of Thieves are not grateful for their success, Justin continued by stating that while that moment and their overall success “hasn’t lost its luster”, they now understand the importance of continuing to work hard to ensure that success doesn’t escape them. Justin went on to say that “overnight success doesn’t happen”, and remembers a time when they had to practically beg to get played on a Wednesday night timeslot. Fortunately, the tables have turned for this band and now people are begging them to play their music.

This band’s love for music is pretty apparent, especially when asked how they decided to start making music. Mike responded with: “music is something that’s always been with me and a part of me.” He still remembers how impacted he felt when the Beatles Anthology was released – both by the music and their success. Fans anticipating more music from Isle of Thieves can rest assured in knowing that they do intend to get started on a new album. There will be a couple of short tours, festivals, not to mention the rerelease of “Only Human”, this time with some remixes and bonus acoustic songs to look forward to. To get a taste for their music and learn more about this blossoming band, visit