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When a band starts out with two brothers and grows to include a circle of friends who are as close as brothers, you know the chemistry between band members will be bang on. That’s exactly what happened with the band Ashley. Despite the fact that there’s only a blood connection between Angelo and Paolo, the band’s manager ascertains that all the guys are like brothers, each one having “very different personalities, but definitely share the same passion for music.” Angelo (the drummer) agrees, stating that the whole band is very close knit. “Before we are band members we are best friends.” Lorenzo also spoke about how the band members were all friends first. They simply started playing together and liked the way they looked and sounded, and just kept on playing.

This shared closeness plays an important role in the lyrical content that means something to all of them collectively. Angelo claims “every song has a meaning and importance to us all, no matter whom the song came from.” Many of their songs, though they have an upbeat rock/indie sound, are lyrically about “the beauty of being in love and the heartache that comes with it.” The bassist, Paolo, describes the song-writing process as collaborative. He says that Gasper, the vocalist and guitarist, as well as the other guitarist, Pat, have “a natural knack for writing songs and creating great hooks.” Gasper and Pat usually create the basic foundation for their songs, and then the whole band works together on the lyrical content. In regards to the writing they create, Paolo states “if you don’t write songs that have honest and authentic lyrics, what’s the point?” The desire to create meaningful lyrics comes from a real love for music.

Gasper recalls how the allure of being in a rock band has always made him want to create music: “From a very early age, I always was thrilled to hear stories and listen to old records from my dad’s favourite rock and roll singers from his youth. I just couldn’t wait to get a bit older so I could start a band of my own.” Listening to those old records has certainly influenced the band’s music. Gasper describes the music they create as “really rhythm based rock music, inspired by the early rock and roll artists of the fifties.” You can look forward to hearing more of that modern rock and roll and sound, as they plan to finish recording their second album this year. The band’s manager speaks about Ashley’s hard work, and how she would love for them to gain more deserved recognition on a larger scale. Ashley has that element that “will leave a lasting and memorable impression.” To find out more about Ashley and the music they make together, visit