P. Bailey

Montreal's P.Bailey is Smooth as silk

he human soul of a man with a 5 octave range is described by many who have heard Paul sing and often compared to Ron Isley from the Isley Brothers fame.His Beautiful soul renditions are tear tearjerkers. Originally from the UK.P Bailey had his first taste of musical inspiration while taking part in music class in grade school.Principal Miss Johnston
was so impressed by his musical sense encouraged him to continue.Early Influences were Motown and Muscle Shoals.Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson was a big Influence on him as a Singer/Songwriter.

With no formal training Bailey developed his singing and writing style by listening to his favorite  artists of the day like,Ron Isley,Donny Hathaway,Luther Van dross, Michael Jackson,Prince and James Brown.P took part in many community talent shows and was a crowd pleaser singing and dancing to his favorite songs.

During a chance meeting at a popular night club in Montreal called Checkers,Paul met  members of the stone city band and forwarded a demo.Super Star 'Rick James' later used a sample of  his song 'Part time Lover' on the sound track of the movie Colors.It was an exciting time and his first real break.

His next chance came while doing session work P met DJ Robby Demlakian.Who Co-Produced his single a 12 inch House Mix called 'Get on Board'.Recorded with his group Walter P.P.K which charted #3 on the house Dance charts in the UK and won him the Professional Publishers & Songwriters award from Factor a grant foundation.

With his new group Scandalous P got another break winning the monthly contest called Demo Clip Produced By Much Music. The first Urban act to win this prestigious award.  The Song 'Desire' was chosen for a video clip.'

Currently P Bailey  as  just signed  to New music.com Roster.Many non exclusive licensing deals with Music library's and Boutiques including Organic music library, Hook line and sync,Mango Reel,Jingle Punks, The Agency etc just to name a few.P Bailey is up for the 2010 Toronto Exclusive magazine Indie  music award in the Album.Single, and Video award categories.In addition  received his own radio station from radiolicious P will receive his own i Phone/Black Berry Radiolicious radio station for an entire year plus one of his songs" Find me somebody" will receive airplay on the popular i Phone Jam Sessions. .
featured as Artist of the month @http://www.orestoneradio.com/featured/paul-bailey.htm Artist of the month for http://www.juniorscave.com/P-Bailey.htm  Regular airplay on Jango radio.
Your Local HD Band.com As put P Bailey on their website to market and promote. Signed 2 compilation deals through Sonic bids in the US. Boondox records and Digital Hype Magazine both being released this summer.A review by Wildy's world.com Is on the Expose your muse 2009 CD compilation a CD- Rom Midem Exhibition Exposure.  Has up coming showcases.  Just finished an album of eclectic Urban/R&B  a DIY  and is selling good units online through Itunes, mynoisyplanet.com/PBailey  . Also Being featured on commercial,internet and college radio stations in Japan,Australia, Canada UK including FMG Tune shack radio. Orestone radio CKUT FM Band radio streaming.  He is again enjoying another Professional Songwriters award for the charting of the song 'Juices' on Jamaican charts which makes 6 awards to date.Spot light on CBC One Montreal program 'Home run', which featured the new album "Find me somebody" His Song' Part of me' is featured in an Independent hip hop Film called 'Ma Passion and also received a certificate of merit from the Uni Song International Song writing competition  for being in the top ten percent in addition as been licensed by Pure Play music to 15,000 stores across Europe and the UK. With his new catalog of songs P Bailey is a man on a mission remember his name because you won't forget his soul.

Web link: www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacepbailey 

Vocals lead, Background vocals,Drums, Keys Percussion
1 member to date

Get on board, Performed by Walter P.P.K 12INCH Dance Record.' Charted #3 in the UK.Code Name Scandalous' Independent.Performed by Scandalous. The single 'Juices' Performed by P Bailey.Charted 27 on the Reggae/Dance hall charts.'Part time lover..Sample used in the Motion Picture Colors
Recorded by Rick James.
New Album Release: Find me somebody


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