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Somalian born Toronto based urban artist.

Her fan favorites 'Dream Big' and 'Kiss This Diss' are helping to bring Hodanne forward within the local indie spotlight.


Songwriter/Singer/Rapper/Recording Artist

 www.myspace.com/hodanne    www.youtube.com/hodanne    www.twitter.com/therealhodanne


Somalian-born HODANNE had an obvious passion for music from very young. She played the piano, sang and danced her little heart off. By the age of 12, she was even writing her own lyrics with the dream of someday singing her songs to the world. However, she never followed her heart due to cultural inhibitions and wanting to please her beloved mother. Instead, HODANNE got married young, a relationship that didn’t go too well, and ended up as a young single mom.

HODANNE experienced depression and it was at this point in her life that she started doing soul-searching. Her faith and focus helped her regain herself.  She was not going to quit on herself because she felt that we are all destined for greatness. Her beloved parents raised a beautiful talented intelligent girl and she was determined to let her shine through.

HODANNE, against many odds, went for her BA and is now an alumni member of York University. After writing an autobiography about her life, in order to understand herself through her writings, it was evident how much she loved and missed music. 

Meanwhile, the news of MJ's death stirred up a storm across the world and as a fan, she wrote an original song in his tribute. The song called ‘We Still Mourn’ was submitted to LL Cool J’s MJ Tribute competition. The track, her first recorded, made it to the semi-finalists. At the same time, Whitney Houston, a favorite artist HODANNE grew up listening to, was also coming back into the scene with her new Album in 2009.

One day, HODANNE’s seven year old daughter at the time asked her what her dreams were as a child. HODANNE knew just well what they were. After battling with self-doubts, she decided that this is the time to go after her own childhood dreams.

HODANNE started recording many of her songs in the fall and winter of 2009/2010 and by May 2010 released her DEBUT album ‘REALIZATION’ on itunes. She gave it this name because this album was the realization of her childhood dreams. Her 12 songs offer variety with international flavors.

The songs in her Realization Album are a mix of Rnb, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop and Balads to showcase HODANNE’s versatility. Her signature song, Dream Big, describes the process of completing the album from overcoming her initial self-doubts to eventually inspiring others to achieve their own dreams. A shy HODANNE first performed at Toronto’s ROCDAMIC and then on TEMFEST’s All Female Showcase, slowly overcoming performance anxiety, which was a challenge for HODANNE but she was determined to succeed.

HODANNE is now planning for her first solo performance in early 2011 to showcase her new album. She also plans to speak about lessons learned from her autobiography with the intention of inspiring others with her story and how she overcame her own obstacles. HODANNE hopes to touch the lives of others with inspiration and hope. As a result any profits from her first performance will be donated to local emotional/mental health organizations.

HODANNE may be contacted @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for interviews, performance inquiries, donations requests, sponsorship etc…

www.myspace.com/hodanne    www.youtube.com/hodanne    www.twitter.com/therealhodanne