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Daniel Hayes

An Up and Coming Star in Toronto


Daniel Hayes rocks the camera time and time again


With a countless number of aspiring young actors across North America, the TV and film industry can be a tough one to crack. Oodles of talent and hardheaded determination pop up in every direction, making Hollywood stardom less and less attainable for many. But for Daniel Hayes, this is where he shines.


The Start of Fame…In Print

A popular print model since the age of 17, Hayes is no stranger to the camera. With spreads in numerous magazines and highly exposed billboard ads with Guess and Nike, Hayes’ success story began in the midst of his teenaged years.

“Looking back at those times now, I realize that print modelling gave me a kick start into the entertainment industry – although I didn’t know it at the time,” says Hayes, with a small chuckle. “The truth is I didn’t even know I wanted to be an actor until I took a theatre class in university quite by accident.”


Far From Average

Many people may consider Daniel Hayes’ start in the acting field a late one, but this certainly hasn’t hindered his ability to land some great roles in the early part of his career. Given the fact that he was over 20 when he entered the field of acting professionally, Hayes had a chance to capitalize on some fantastic experiences before that.

Always very physically active, Hayes began playing basketball at the age of ten, became a certified lifeguard at the age of 16, and is now an amateur boxer and fully certified personal trainer. His talents off-screen are just as noteworthy as on-screen, having been recruited to play basketball on a athletic scholarship in British Columbia – only to later switch varsity teams half way through his degree to play football!

“I’ve been active all my life,” explains Hayes, “I’ve always enjoyed playing team sports and I enjoy keeping fit, which my personal training business helps me to do.”

The Goods to Back It Up

Hayes’ success thus far hasn’t come without hard work. Daniel has received formal acting instruction from the Conservatory Program at Second City, The Groundlings School in Los Angeles, and has also had extensive training in the Meisner Technique. Flipping back and forth between Toronto and Vancouver, Hayes leads a busy lifestyle – but it is also one that allows him to do what he loves most.

Hayes can be seen playing remarkable roles in his past works: Boot Camp, The Police Story, Modern Day Gladiator in which he played the lead role and also assisted with writing and production, and Going Down in La La Land which is scheduled to be released in 2011.


Projects to Keep Your Eyes On

“I’m thrilled for whatever lies ahead for me,” exclaims Hayes, “It’s an exciting industry and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else right now.”

The better part of 2010 is packed with filming for Hayes as he continues to advance his career in leaps and bounds. Scheduled for shooting this fall, look out for the release of Finding Larry and The Silver Chain. In both movies, Hayes will play the lead, with Finding Larry to be shot in Los Angeles, and The Silver Chain in New York City.