NJOY, she's all that

(--Toronto Exclusive Magazine--)

Confident, flirtatious, classy & sassy is the woman who wears NJOY, she’s all that.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that fashion designers are artists. And all artists work with a medium. In this case the medium could be silk charmeuse, jersey, stretch cotton, and if she’s feeling risqué, even leather. And the artist in this case would be Montreal Native, Naika Joizil. Since Naika was a small child she has had a love of fashion. But most love affairs do not come easy. Being born to Haitian parents a career in fashion, as Naika put it, “is not well seen.” It’s the typical Romeo and Juliet story, except with all the poison and daggers. So instead she went to study arts and literature for two years always knowing her true calling was fashion. But eventually love always wins out, and she went to study fashion at Lasalle College. Now, at 23, she continues her studies in management and fashion at L’Ecole Superieur de Mode de Montreal. And although she carries on with her studies she continues work on her own label NJOY.

NJOY is targeted towards women 18 to 40. Now Naika does acknowledge that it is quite a broad age range but she says it’s all in the woman’s attitude. “As long as you have the attitude & confidence” she says, “then go ahead and wear the clothes that go with it.” Isn’t that the truth? Without attitude no woman, nowhere, would be able to carry off most of the fashion marching down catwalks today. So attitude is most definitely one of her inspirations to create.

Inspiration is a large part of a fashion designers life. Without inspiration, garments risk being lackluster and boring. And all women know that boring just will not make it into their wardrobe. But luckily for Naika living in Montreal, the cultural capital of Canada plays a big part in her creative process. “Living in a city that has people coming from so many different cultures automatically gives you a thirst to discover new things”, she says. “Really my inspiration is just a blend of emotions. But I must say that the elegance we find in Italian fashion in general is a style that I’m greatly inspired from.” Oh the Italians, Great history, Great food and Great fashion. This must be why one of her favourite designers is Valentino. Naika says that Valentino “Is timelessness. I just think he is the master of making impeccable gowns that testify real sophistication. He mastered making woman look the way a woman should always look. It’s too bad he retired…” And another designer that continues to inspire Naika is Marc Jacobs. “Marc Jacobs is a genius. His work is just incredible,” she says.

NJOY and Naika Joizil are sure to one day make a splash in the fashion world. If you are interested in learning more about Naika and her label, you can visit her myspace page http://www.myspace.com/njoyfashion or find her on Facebook under NJOY Fashion.

I can definitely say that this designer is here to stay, she says “it is the career I’ll pursue until It’s time for me to retire.”