Ryerson Fashion Week

Toronto Exclusive Magazine online coverage  
 Photos by Anthony Chau Photography
Ryerson University Becomes Ringmaster of Fashion

To describe an event as a Three Ring Circus implies complete chaos. But for the spectators of Ryerson Fashion Weeks Three Ring event it could not have been more commanding.  Ryerson University was transformed for two nights into the “big top” itself making the audience express ooh and aah with enjoyment. Now the characters were not your usual circus acts like the graceful flying trapeze artists or the tamed ferocious lions, no, the stars of this show were the beautifully made garments of Ryerson’s own Fashion students.

The Three Ring event took place on April 5th and 6th at Ryerson University’s POD 250 Jorgenson Hall. This annual event showcases 2nd and 3rd year up- and- coming student designers. Three Ring was just one out of five fashion events making up Ryerson Fashion Week. The theme this year was to translate the opulence and mystique of the circus into the garments of each designer. Every student designed a distinct piece to showcase at the event, but the theme was evident in all the pieces collectively. Whether it was volume reflecting the grand costumes of the comic pantomime clowns or splashes of vivid colours which are obvious in all facets of the circus. Even small details reminiscent of a ringmasters jacket were apparent in some of the male clothing designs.

It is clear to anyone who was present at this event that these student designers will soon join the ranks of past successful Ryerson Fashion Graduates such as David Dixon, Joeffer Coac, Arthur Mendonca, Anne Hung, and Tanya Watt, Art Director of Flare Magazine.

For more information on Ryerson Fashion Week please visit http://www.ryersonfashionweek.ca.