Get free trial passes now. Cardio-Go has convenient locations, certified trainers, and all around support system.

CARDIO-GO and Toronto Exclusive Magazine offer you free trial-workout passes you can download


Toronto Exclusive Magazine is proud to team up with one of the best fitness facilities in Toronto to give our readers and supporters a chance to receive free workouts at Cardio-Go. Download the free trial-passes here before it expires.

The idea behind Cardio-Go is to create access to health and fitness on the GO. Be that for the busy downtown people who need a quick sweat on their lunch hour, or the multi taskers who never know when they have time to work out, Cardio-Go is there to provide the space, convenient locations, certified trainers, and all around support system.

At Cardio-Go, cardio equipment is balanced with a carefully chosen selection of
free weights, weight machines, benches, and resistance belts. Group Fitness classes are held in immaculate and decoratively inspiring studios. Cardio-Go’s eco pledge resulted in machines that mostly have user-charged batteries, and the toiletries in our bathrooms are picked to reduce our carbon footprint. Being green has never been this easy on the GO!

A friendly team is always ready to help our members and make sure that every
fitness goal is met. To us, every member is an individual, as our front desk bypasses the need for swipe cards, and bar codes because the team knows the members by name. Currently, Cardio-Go is operating four facilities on the Toronto area, with three more opening in the Hamilton, and Vancouver areas in the months ahead.

Newest in the Cardio-Go family, we proudly present Cardio-Go on your doorstep. In existing condominiums, Cardio-Go provides certified group fitness in a variety of classes, depending on need and demand. For developing condominiums, Cardio-Go provides the design, development, and management of all fitness and recreational facilities. Come on in and learn how good it feels to have fun, and be fit!
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 "CARDIO-GO is a facility that cares about its members, and their members’ wellness
goals, and it’s evident from the time you walk in the door." - Alexandra White and
Antoine Dove (Season 8 Biggest Loser Winners) 

Cardio-Go has a new contest. New and existing members will receive attendance cards, and those with the best attendance will get a chance to win some great prizes, as well as those with top attendance will get their memberships refunded for the period of the contest (3 months).