Awards categories

Area Categories are:

Toronto (Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area)

Provincial (rest of Canada)

International (USA and other countries)

Your music recording (s) and images are judged directly from your web sites. No need to submit audio files unless we ask for them. Physical copies of your work may be required for verification and for the CD Album Category. All music MUST be free of profanity and your profile MUST contain no negativity.

Music Categories

Alternative ___ Adult Contemporary___ Ambient___ Blues___ Country___ Christian___ Dance___ Electronica___ Folk___ Hip Hop___ Instrumental___ Jazz___ Rock___ R&Bsoul___ Reggae___ Reggaeton___ Latin___ Pop___ World___

In the area categories and music categories, awards are handed out for 

Best Song___ Best CD Album___ Best EP___ Best Female Artist___ Best Male Artist___

Best Group___ Best Music Video___ Best Up & Coming Producer___ Best CD Art Work___

Best Web Site___ Artist of the Year Overall (Group or Solo)___ Best Music Video Producer ___