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What separates laundry on wheels from other wash & fold service: we provide the same type of service to all individuals regardless of the amount.

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Toronto Exclusive Magazine's interview with founder Katie Mehr

The reason why i've started this service, lots of companies do charge a min order: $70 dollars, delivery charge, no choice of detergent or fabric softener, the schedule for pick up is not decided by the customer but by the service provider. When i gave birth to my kids, i was in need of this such service and there was none available in York Region and the ones available in Toronto had ridiculous amount of min charge/fee and everything was according to their schedule and not mine. i knew i wasn't the only one in need and there are lots of small businesses, individuals that could use this type of service without having to sign contract, pay min orders, delivery charge and are free to receive everything according to their schedule.

The services your company is offering is eco friendly. What separates you from the rest?

We encourage individuals to use and provide us with their own laundry basket (less waste & much easier to put the cloths away when they receive it back). We also encourage everyone to use eco friendly detergents and fabric softener (when the customer as no preference in detergent & fabric softener, we automatically use an eco friendly one). We also do encourage everyone to choose cold water wash & hang to dry as the method of drying their cloths. What separates laundry on wheels from other wash & fold service, we provide the same type of service to all individuals regardless of the amount. There is no min order quantity, the only thing we charge is for orders less than 15 lbs we charge a $10.00 flat fee and we charge them $2.49/lb rather than $2.00. This is an encouragement to have the customer to give us more pound of cloths since we are using the same amount of water... and we are an eco friendly company. Also, customer has a choice of detergent and fabric softener. We carry all brands, anything that you see on the shelves we have. Also, for commercial businesses, customers do not need to sign any type of contracts.

Your main services are laundry, dry cleaning and ironing. Does Laundry on Wheels offer any additional services as a way f providing more convenience?

We do offer linen service: towels for spas, hair salons, etc. Uniform services: wash fold drop off. Silk screening: if customer do purchase their own linens and would like us to have their logo/name on them.

Do you find that single people use your services more or is it a variety of everybody from couples to families?

We have health care professionals using our service; massage therapist; construction companies; families with young kids, singles and individuals with disability, seniors. It is a variety to be honest.

Is your service only for people with a high income?

No, we do provide service to everyone. Our prices is the same across the city with no delivery fee or min order. And they get a choice of detergent and fabric softener.

You basically will make pickups from a person's office or home. Are you also open to providing services to sports teams as an example?

Yes... as an example, last week we provided service to Alberta Baseball team when they were here for the national games. Same great service, they've received their uniforms back in 3 hours! no extra fee, nothing... they were supper happy. Also Clayburn refractory were here on a contract of 2 months. We've provided them with same day service. We are open 24/7 to service companies/individuals that are in need of service. We also do get a lot of calls from tourists visiting Toronto or are on business.

What promotions are you running right now to benefit people wanting to try out your services?

13% off their first order (taxes are waived) and we've got different promotions running on our website.

What area do you cover when making pickups and drop offs?

Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Unionville, Markham, Maple, Vaughan. However, we've also provided service to individuals outside of these areas, Barrie and further areas. They will need to contact us and we could advise them further.

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