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Blues Rocker

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Best Pop EP
WINNER: Gaslight "Gaslight"
Mandippal Jandu “When It's Only Me Standing”

Best Pop CD Art Work
WINNER: Noella Choi “In My Elements”

Best R&B Soul Song

WINNER: Shobha Lee “Always On Your Feet”
Thane St. Andrew “Palace of Love”

Shobha Lee also wins:
Best R&B CD Album  “Work In Progress”,

Best R&B Soul Female Artist

Thane St. Andrew also wins:
Best R&B Soul Male Artist, Best R&B Soul Web Site

Best Folk Song

WINNER: Andrew Miedema “Beyond Backyards”
Wade Benson “Cottage Love”

Best Folk Up and Coming Producer
WINNER: Andrew Miedema

Best Folk Instrumental
WINNER: Métis Fiddler Quartet “Hang Man's Waltz”

Best Folk Instrumental CD Album
WINNER: Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk, "Oméigwassi Reel Métis : A Tribute to Walter Flett"

Best Folk Instrumental Art Work
WINNER: Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk

Best Latin Jazz CD Album
WINNER: The Café Ole “Quanto Tardaré"
Sultans of String “Luna”

Best Latin Jazz Group
The Café Ole
WINNER: Sultans of String

Best Latin Jazz Song
WINNER: The Café Ole “Café Ole”

Best Latin Jazz Web Site
WINNER: The Café Ole

Best Jazz CD Album
WINNER: The Bernardo Padrón Group “Tales of la Juana”
The Bernardo Padrón Group also wins:
Best Jazz Group, Best Jazz Web Site

Best Christian Song

WINNER: Susan Acheson “Lord, I Offer You My Life”
Susan Acheson also wins:
Best Christian CD Album “Susan G. Acheson”, Best Christian Female Artist

Best Blues Song
PorkBelly Futures “Sweet Daddy”
WINNER: Bobby Cameron “Sueanna”

Best Male Blues Artist
WINNER: Bobby Cameron

Best Blues Web Site
Bobby Cameron
WINNER: Pork Belly Futures

Best Dance Song
WINNER: Ofir  “Task of Mind”
Ofir also wins:
Best Dance CD Art Work from the “The Passion Show” CD

Best World Song
WINNER: Kobo Town “Corbeaux Following”    
Best Reggae CD Album
WINNER: Kwesi Selassie "Survival"
Kwesi Selassie also wins
Best Reggae Son
g “No Night In Zion”,
Best Male Reggae Artist 

Best Ambient Song
WINNER: Bubble “Crossing”
Musician from the Band Falcon
Photo by Frank Peluso

Best Country Song
Judy Kanyo “Not What I Had In Mind”
PorkBelly Futures “Gladstone Hotel”
WINNER: Tonya Kennedy “The Next 30 Years"
Traci Kennedy “I’d Rather Be”

Best Country CD Album
Judy Kanyo “Not What I Had In Mind”
WINNER: Traci Kennedy “How Many Hearts”

Best Country Female Artist
Tonya Kennedy
Judy Kanyo
WINNER: Traci Kennedy

Best Hip Hop Song

Tok’n “Breaking Da Game”
WINNER: Candy Coated Killahz “Chocolat”

Best Hip Hop CD Album
WINNER: Tok’n “The Thirteenth Floor”

Best Hip Hop Group
WINNER: Candy Coated Killahz

Best Hip Hop Up & Coming Producer
WINNER: Tosha Dash from the Candy Coated Killahz

Tok'n also wins:
Best Hip Hop Male Artist, Best Hip Hop Music Video “The Thirteenth Floor”

Candy Coated Killahz also wins:

Best Hip Hop EP "Bloodsugar: The Mixtape",
Best Hip Hop Web Site

Best Rock Song

Undadogg "Butterfly Disease"
Recovery Child “Trigger Me”
WINNER: Peter Bloom Band “Helping Hand”
Letters to Elora “Never let you down”
VII Days II Perfection “Kiss My Heart...”
Man The Destroyer “Blame”
Used For Glue “Fool Yourself”
Heidi Propp “Bleary”
The First Time “What is this”
5th PROJEKT “In a Coma...” 
Johnny Hollow “Superhero”
Best Rock CD Album
Secret Suburbia “Midi-Gritty”
Heidi Propp “Strong and Wild”
Peter Bloom Band “Random Thoughts..."
WINNER: VII Days II Perfection “Losing
My Faith”

Best Rock Group
Man The Destroyer
WINNER: Peter Bloom Band
The First Time

Best Rock Web Site
Peter Bloom Band
Secret Suburbia  
Letters to Elora  
Recovery Child  
WINNER: Johnny Hollow

Best Rock CD Art Work
WINNER: Man The Destroyer
Peter Bloom Band

Best Up and Coming Rock Producer
WINNER: T.J. Habibi from Secret Suburbia

Best Rock Female Artist
WINNER: Heidi Propp

Best Rock EP
WINNER: Man The Destroyer

Pop Song

Shobha Lee “Work In Progress”
Noella Choi “Solace”
Gaslight "Would it Change"
Linda M “Beautiful Today”
Mandippal Jandu "Million Words"
WINNER: Daphne Darling “Eight”

Best Pop Female Artist
Noella Choi



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