TORONTO 2008 Winners and Nominees

Winners are highlighted in RED

We receive entries from CANADA, USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, UK, AFRICA, SPAIN & other countries

Best Alternative CD Album
* city coin laundry “Wool gathering”, Toronto
* the grand panic “Nothing as of yet” , Toronto 

Best Alternative Song
* Undadogg “Breathe”, Toronto   

Best Adult Contemporary CD Album
* Lucas Hunter “All The Wares”, Toronto 

Best Adult Contemporary EP
* Anthony Giambrone “No Need to Go So Fast” Toronto 

Best Adult Contemporary Song
* The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey “It's Only Just a Dream”, Toronto
* Anthony Giambrone “Seven O'Clock”, Toronto
* Lucas Hunter “Kyla”, Toronto

Best Adult Contemporary Male Artist
* Lucas Hunter, Toronto  Site 
* Anthony Giambrone, Toronto Site 

Best Adult Contemporary CD Art Work
* Lucas Hunter, Toronto  “Site”
* Anthony Giambrone, Toronto Site