INTERNATIONAL 2008 Winners and Nominees

Winners are highlighted in RED

We receive entries from CANADA, USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, UK, AFRICA, SPAIN & other countries

Best International Alternative Song
* Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys "Pale Horse", Allston, MA USA 
* The Medullary Paralysis “Compassion on the dance floor”, Italy

Best International Adult Contemporary CD Album
* Jamie Wong-Li “Golden Child”, Bern, Switzerland
* Annette “Paradox Of Life”, Michigan, USA
* Tommy Keenum “details within”, Nashville, Tennessee, USA 

Best International Adult Contemporary Song
* Jamie Wong-Li “Keep On Walking”, Bern, Switzerland 
* Reverend Zen “Bad Attitude” Katonah, New York, USA
* Jerzee “It Doesn’t Matter”, Hamburg, Germany 
* John Tomaino, “How far is heaven”, Victoria, Australia
* Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders, “Miss Let Me Take Your Umbrella”, The Netherlands
* Giorgio “The Man Who Sat Watching Trains Go By”, Cura di Vetralla (VT) Italy

Best International Adult Contemporary EP
* John Tomaino, “John Tomaino”, Victoria, Australia 

Best International Adult Contemporary Male Artist
* John Tomaino, Victoria, Australia
* Tommy Keenum, Nashville, Tennessee, USA Site

Best  International Ambient Male Artist
* Sanjeeb Sircar, New Delhi, India Site