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Album Release ‘Gypsy Soul’ and Aussie Tour

Sydney’s multi-award winning artist, SNEZ has never been afraid to bare her soul and share her deepest feelings through her songs and to her audience. As she casually says, “It’s what I do.” Indeed, it is what SNEZ does. And, her accolades and awards over the last few years are proof that the gypsy soul does what she does well. With her first studio album, Gypsy Soul out through Regal Records and MGM, SNEZ gets up close and personal and exudes a naivety and darkness with her emotive tales of love, loss, exploration and stories about traveling.

“This is a collection of some of my most vulnerable songs” SNEZ admits ... it felt as scary as it felt wonderful...” The open honesty of such tracks as “Life is so Good" and "Daddy”, a painful heart wrenching love song to her dad, featuring Snez’s raw delicate vocals over piano and cello.

"I was a late starter with my music; I had a lot of catching up to do once I realized that this is the path I have to follow. So to finally get to this point is amazing" Snez says.

Although SNEZ has also expanded her musical horizons on this new collection of songs with a couple of catchy, up-tempo tracks included on this album. One of the songs she is most proud of is “Never Grow Old” or 'the Peter Pan song' as it’s known amongst her fans. This song is an acoustic classical guitar ballad written with her producer Stewart Peters, a man of many talents. Surprisingly, Stewart cut his production teeth with the Australian rock producing legends Vanda & Young (AC/DC, Rose tattoo, Flash n the Pan, The Angels and of course The Easybeats) at Alberts Productions during the '80's. Stewart has since moved into a more comfortable (for him) acoustic/ adult pop genre and has had continuing success as a writer/ producer with various artists.

"With Stewart, we just connect. He understands my soul and my songs and that’s why we work so well together." Snez muses. "He gets it ... he gets me. It's been a really wonderful partnership" Snez affirms.

As for the title track, Gypsy Soul, Snez explains, “I look at life like it’s a huge garden. There are lots of pretty flowers and lots of weeds trying to get in the way and distract us, no matter how dark things get, I always try and head towards the lighter side and be positive about what I have and not dwell too much on the darkness…. And most of all try and have fun!’

SNEZ feels she has achieved exactly what she wanted to with this album's mix of sad and thoughtful songs, beautiful sweet love songs and fun, upbeat, Latin flavored mixes. “It feels good to get people not just emoting and releasing all that energy, but also realizing that life is a huge experience, touch it and taste it….enjoy life, it’s meant to be easy…I think ... I hope!"

Snez will be heading out on her 3 month ‘Gypsy Soul’ tour from February 2010, traveling up and down the east coast. Check out her website for dates and information.

Gypsy soul is available in all good record stores Australia wide, itunes and Waterfront online

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’Absolutely beautiful’ Christopher Lawrence ABC Radio

’Snez exudes passion, beauty & charisma….mesmerizing’ Jim Shipstone Ex MD BMG Music Publishing

‘….That bloody peter pan song (Never Grow Old)….up there with any song I’ve EVER heard live….

the audience went berserk after that song

Jeff Cripps - Producer of the Year - Australian Blues Music Awards

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